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Deoxys Boost Energy 

Delta Species Metang
Holon Phantoms Psyduck
Delta Species Dratini #65
Delta Species Dratini #66
Delta Species Dragonair
Emerald Plusle
POP Series 1 Plusle
POP Series 1 Minun

Holon Phantoms Electrike 

Emerald Electrike #48
Emerald Electrike #47
POP Series 3 Pichu Bros.
Emerald Pichu
Gym Heroes Lt. Surge's Pichu
Jungle Pikachu
POP Series 2 Pikachu
Base Pikachu

Emerald Pikachu 

HOLO Fossil Magneton
Gym Heroes Lt. Surge's Magnemite #50
Base Magnemite
Base Set 2 Magnemite
Delta Species Magnemite
Gym Heroes Lt. Surge's Magnemite #80
Team Rocket Magnemite
Unseen Forces Flaaffy

Unseen Forces Mareep 

Neo Revelation Chinchou
Unseen Forces Chinchou
Emerald Electrode
Emerald Voltorb
Base Voltorb
Gym Heroes Lt. Surge's Voltorb

Hidden Legends Voltorb 

Delta Species Poochyena
Neo Revelation Murkrow
Team Rocker Returns Dark Marowak

Team Rocket Returns Dark Pupitar 

Base Charmander
Delta Species Ditto
Firered and Leafgreen Charmander #58
Team Rocket Charmander
Firered and Leafgreen Charmander #57
Base Charmeleon
Firered and Leafgreen Charmeleon
Neo Genesis Cyndaquil

Unseen Forces Cyndaquil 

Gym Heroes Blaine's Vulpix
Emerald Vulpix
Base Vulpix
Delta Species Ponyta
Gym Heroes Blaine's Ponyta
Team Rocket Ponyta
Base Ponyta
Delta Species Rapidash

Neo genesis Magmar 

Fossil Magmar
Gym Heroes Blaine's Magmar
Unseen Forces Slugma
Neo Revelation Slugma
Neo Revelation Macargo
Delta Species Bagon #57
Delta Species Bagon #57
Base Growlithe

Newo Destiny Growlithe 

Gym Heroes Blaine's Growlithe
Firered and Leafgreen Growlithe
Firered and Leafgreen Arcanine
Unseen Forces Houndour
Emerald Torchic
Emerald Combusken
Delta Species LArvitar
Emerald Numel #58

Emerald Numel #57 

Neo Destiny Sunkern
Unseen Forces Sunkern
Neo Revelation Paras
Jungle Jaras
Neo Revelation Parasect
Jungle Parasect
Delta Species Weedle
Base 2 Caterpie

Base Metapod 

Base Weedle
Base 2 Kakuna
Base 2 Butterfree
Deoxys Nincada
Neo Genesis Spinarak
Unseen Forces Spinarak
Jungle Venonat
Neo Destiny Venonat

Neo Destiny Pineco 

Unseen Forces Pineco
Base Tangela
Base 2 Tangela
POP Series 2 Bulbasaur
Base Bulbasaur
Base 2 Weepinbell
Base 2 Bellsprout
Erika's Bellsprout

Emerald Gulpin 

Emerald Swalot
Emerald Shroomish
Emerald Breloom
Jungle Nidorina
Firered and Leafgreen Nidoran Female
Jungle Nidoran Female
Base 2 Nidoran Male
Fossil Ekans

Fossil Arbok 

Team Rocket Ekans
Team Rocket Returns Ekans
POP Series 2 Cacnea
Emerald Cacnea
Team Rocket Dark Gloom
Unseen Forces Oddish
Jungle Oddish
Team Rocket Oddish

Neo Genesis Oddish 

Neo Genesis Hoppip
Team Rocket Returns Hoppip
Neo Revelation Skiploom
Team Rocket Skiploom
Emerald Treecko
Unseen Forces Chikorita
Unseen Forces Bayleef
Delta Species Zubat

Gym Heroes Brock's Golbat 

Fossil Grimer
Jungle Exeggcute
Base 2 Exeggutor
Gym Heroes Erika's Exeggutor
Gym Heroes Erika's Exeggcute
Delta Species Weezing
HOLO Team Rocket Weezing
Base Koffing

Fossil Weezing 

1ST EDITION Team Rocket Koffing

Team Rocket Koffing 

Fossil Golbat
Neo Revelation Golbat
Team Rocket Zubat
Fossil Zubat
Gym Heroes Brock's Zubat
Team Rocket Returns Grimer
HOLO Fossil Muk
1ST EDITION Team Rocket Grimer

Team Rocket Grimer 

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